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Christopher J. Clark
Christopher J. Clark

Christopher J. Clark


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Chris Clark is a pre-eminent litigator who has successfully handled the highest stakes and highest profile matters in nearly every type of major dispute.

Chris has delivered amazing results for clients in: criminal matters (State of New York and US v. Elliott Broidy); SEC cases (SEC v. Elon Musk, SEC v. Mark Cuban) multi-billion dollar civil trials and litigations (Huff Asset Management v. Liberty Global, In re Argentine Sovereign Default Litigation); and corporate crisis management and control disputes (The National Law Journal Crisis Management Trailblazer, represented 20 corporations and boards in the last 12 months). Chris represented Robert Hunter Biden in his federal criminal investigation. Clients come to Chris for smart, aggressive, and proactive handling of their weightiest issues and come back because of extraordinary results.

Chris was an Assistant US Attorney in the Southern District of New York and a member of the Securities and Commodities Fraud Task Force. During his tenure there, he conducted nine federal criminal trials as lead counsel (including the conviction of the men who looted Adelphia Communications Corp.) and argued more than 20 appeals in the Second Circuit.

Chris’ representative matters include:

  • Represented Robert Hunter Biden in a Grand Jury investigation regarding tax issues.
  • SEC v. Elon Musk, represented the founder & CEO of Tesla Motors in an SEC investigation and resolution of selective disclosure allegations.
  • SEC v. Mark Cuban, successfully represented Mark Cuban in a three-week federal jury trial, prevailing on all charges. Had previously represented Mr. Cuban in connection with the allegation that Mr. Cuban committed insider trading. Obtained first of its kind decision dismissing SEC’s Complaint in its entirety.
  • Gilmore v. Turvo, Inc., represented a special committee in a suit in the Delaware Chancery Court brought by the company’s former CEO, who sought relief pursuant to DE Section 225.  As lead trial counsel, Chris successfully defended the claims and obtained a monetary settlement from Plaintiff despite the fact that his clients never brought counter-claims.
  • Non-Public Bribery Investigation – successfully represented a prominent attorney in a multi-national six-year bribery investigation. No charges were brought in any jurisdiction against the client.
  • PDVSA v. MUFG, represented bond beneficiaries and fiduciaries in a challenge by PDVSA to the validity of its entire 2020 bond issuance. Obtained summary judgment in favor of clients, a declaration of the bonds’ validity and a monetary award for clients in the amount of nearly US$2 billion.
  • Argentine Provincial Bonds, represented several ad hoc committees in negotiations with various Argentine provincial issuers. Successfully negotiated a number of creditor-favorable restructurings, including Chubut and Neuquen.
  • In re Argentine Bond Litigation, represented the largest group of Exchange Bondholders in international and domestic litigation concerning restructured Argentine Sovereign debt. Lead coordinating counsel in legal actions in the United States, UK, and Belgium, among other jurisdictions.